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crypto wallet

for DeFi, NFT

& Metaverse

Store, Send, Receive and Trade over 10,000 crypto assets and NFTs

Unlimited support of all EVM Chains with the fastest RPC

Get Access
to 1000s dApps

Explore the list of 1000s dApps or connect Web3 App with a WalletConnect protocol

All DEXes
in your

HyperDEX aggregator provides the best rates and the deepest liquidity for more than 10,000 crypto assets

NFT Metaverse
in one app

Buy, Sell and Store your NFTs
and collections in one place

is important

Customize your wallet experience


We don’t collect any information
about users and don’t request KYC

The Most

Your private keys and seed phrase are stored in app's local storage and encrypted with your beautiful face

Everything you need is in your 🙏 hands

Track your asset portfolio and DeFi positions accross multiple chains

With a real-time on-chain data and analytics

Swap 10,000 assets at the best price on any EVM chain

Powerful HyperDEX aggregator

Buy and Sell crypto
with a fiat on- and off-ramp

Bank Cards, Apple Pay, Bank Wires are available

Stake, Earn Rewards, Lend
and Borrow your assets

Find and Get the best APY on the market

Store and Send
any crypto assets safely

Your Private Keys, Your Funds. Main Security Rule

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a Crypto Pro User

With our Crypto Media and Youtube Hub

Multiple Accounts Management

Manage unlimited number of Wallets
The app is supporting 19 languages localizations

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